Why would a growing online brand choose Nox Enterprise Commerce over Shopify Plus for their e-commerce platform?


Your online business is growing and you’re wanting to increase your flexibility with your e-commerce platform.  With so many options to choose from, how do you know you’re choosing the right one to serve your needs at a price you’re willing to pay? You’ve considered other options and have chosen Shopify Plus over the competition.  But have you looked at a completely custom solution versus a cookie-cutter platform?  Here we will help you understand the benefits of Nox Enterprise Commerce versus a Shopify Plus platform for your e-commerce needs.


Custom Content

You want your online business to stand apart from your competition.  With Shopify Plus, templates are designed to build your page for you to use along with your competition.  When you switch templates to differentiate yourself and keep current, you are hoping that it automatically reformats your content and site to your liking and nothing breaks, including your mobile site.

Nox Enterprise Commerce (NEC), provides a full suite of content tools and capabilities that allow you to display the content you want just how you want it while maintaining your signature aesthetic.  Your brand is unique, NEC believes your website should reflect that. NEC handles all your updates and the Quality Assurance team will exhaustively test it to ensure that everything works as it should before launching the new design.  NEC can also A/B test the whole website or parts of it so that you have peace of mind that the new design will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

3rd Party Plug-Ins

Inventory, product and order management, marketing emails, newsletters, discounts, SEO, and reports are just some of the additional features you’re looking for in an all-encompassing platform.  Unfortunately, Shopify Plus is limited on what they offer out-of-the-box.  You’ll need to subscribe to additional plug-ins for these features and they can add to the overall cost of the platform. In addition to paying for these features, you have to trust the plug-in’s developer with access to your store and data.

NEC has many of these features built into the platform readily available for you to use.  The back-end platform is user authenticated, so if an employee needs access to certain aspects and not all, you can assign them as such.  Also, if you prefer a specific 3rd party platform to be integrated with NEC that isn’t already, a request must simply be made.  NEC is fully PCI compliant and built on a secure, multi-tenant cloud-based architecture.  They have taken extreme measures to encrypt and anonymize all of your customer’s financial data to ensure that your site is always secure and ready for business as usual.



Shopify Plus offers Shopify Payments, a built-in payment system with zero transaction fees, except for a credit card rate on each transaction.  The downside to this is if you are looking to expand, Shopify Payments is only available in certain countries.  The other option is to use a 3rd party payment gateway provider where transaction fees are enforced.  NEC offers a completely flexible pricing infrastructure, where your billing plan is built around what works for your site.  NEC is built to allow you lots of options for payment processing without limiting where you sell and who you sell to.


Subscription E-Commerce

Subscription e-commerce is continually increasing in popularity.  With NEC, you’re not looking to add an integration or pay an extra cost.  It’s an option readily available to you. Shopify just recently added it to their integrated apps, but you’ll have to shop around multiple vendors to see which one best fits your needs and your budget.  Plus, NEC is experienced with subscription e-commerce. NEC knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to this specific need. No need to guess or ask for outside consultation.



Are you looking to increase your product line?  Or even scale your business?  You can count on NEC to grow with you.  Shopify limits your store to 100 SKUs per product and only allows you to provide three different options per product.  NEC does not have a limit on SKUs and allows you to have as many variations to your product as needed.  This also allows you to reach a broader audience as you are able to provide more product offerings.  Another limitation that Shopify Plus has is its lack of a multi-store architecture.  It prevents merchants from managing multi-brand setups and international setups efficiently.  NEC allows you to display different websites in different languages and currencies while administering products, inventory, and order fulfillment from a consolidated interface.



From discovery to launch, Nox Enterprise provides support throughout the whole process.  If you are not familiar with the Shopify Plus platform, it can take a long time to set up and you may need to find an experienced consultant or agency to help onboard you and set up your store.  With NEC, you get their dedicated and highly trained staff available to you 24x7x365 to guarantee a 99.99% uptime and productivity at no additional cost.

If you’re still on the fence on which eCommerce platform best suits your needs, schedule a discovery call with Nox Enterprise Commerce to see how you can save on total platform costs and increase your profits.  Nox Enterprise Commerce is an e-commerce platform that works and grows with you, freeing you to focus on your business rather than on your e-commerce platform.

But we are so much more than a platform.  As your partner in e-commerce success, we're here to help you acquire more customers and land more sales than ever before.  We keep our customers growing by offering full turnkey solutions.  Some of the services include: app development, custom development, credit card processing, full digital marketing & campaign management, SEO, customer service, metrics & analytics, eCommerce engine, fulfillment, 3PL integrations, order & inventory management, cart remarketing, AI-powered search, product recommendations, catalog management, and warehouse solutions.

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