Why a Drip Campaign is Important to Your Business

Imagine yourself at your favorite restaurant.  The host greets you, seats you and presents you with menus.  A waiter then comes to your table, asks what you’d like to drink and attends to it.  Then they offer an appetizer, followed by the main entrée and at last, dessert.  As people enter the restaurant, they go through the same sequence of events as you just did.  To serve you is a specific process and they are trying to upsell additional drinks or side dishes along the way in conjunction with the number of other guests at other tables.  Each stage of the meal is presented to you just like every other table.  No one is treated differently.  Each table is just at a different phase.

Now think of your sales team.  Your clients enter at different phases than other clients, but it doesn’t mean a phase is skipped. Each client is greeted, informed about the specials and products, and given a chance to decide what they would like to do.  At the restaurant, when you are not ready to order, the waiter gives you a few more minutes to decide and waits for cues to know when you are ready, such as menus put aside or even a friendly wave to come back.  When you have a dozen or more clients at different phases, it’s important to have tools to help you succeed and not let any of them fall through the cracks.  This is where email drip campaigns come into play. Drip campaigns are an automated email marketing strategy sent to your clients over a specific period of time to meet an end goal.  There are different drip campaigns associated with different phases of the sales cycle.

Key factors to consider when starting your email marketing campaign:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What did the customer do to receive your initial email?
  • What outcome do you want from your email?
  • How often do you want to send out emails? (If you did not get the desired outcome)
  • At what point do you want to change your offer?

When you have successfully answered those questions, it’s time to put your Email Drip Campaign together.  Remember that every client is at a different phase, and depending on where they are, deserve a different approach.

Here are the top email campaigns to start immediately:

1.     Welcome: A new customer signed up for your newsletter on your website to get more information.  Send them a welcome email immediately along with a welcome discount (if applicable).

2.     Promotional: Have an upcoming promotion?  Send your customer emails prior to the promotion and especially towards the end of the promotion, letting them know to take advantage of this great opportunity in front of them.

3.     Informational/Onboarding: The customer signed up for your services or purchased your product. Send them information on how to properly use the service or product to get the most out of their purchase.  

4.     Courses: Did your customer sign up for a service or product that takes time to learn? Share a course with them through a series of emails showing them how to use the service or product.  Guide them through and win a life-long customer in the process.

5.     Nurturing Leads: Your customer hasn’t purchased anything yet, but you know they are still opening emails.  Send them an email about how your products or services are beneficial to them.  Encourage them to learn more about what you have to offer.  

6.     Upsell/Recommendation: Has a customer purchased a product from you?  Suggest another product or service that would complement the original purchase.

7.     Confirmations: Your customer took the leap and purchased your product or service. Send them a confirmation email immediately afterwards to confirm the purchase.  Is the product being shipped?  Send them tracking information and keep them updated along the way until their product has been delivered to their door.   

8.     Cart Abandonment: Has your customer visited your site, placed some items in their cart and didn’t purchase them?  Send them a reminder email to purchase.  Include a discount if it’s been a few days to help entice them to place their order.

9.     Re-engagement: Haven’t received an additional order or upgrade on your product or service? Perhaps the customer isn’t opening up your emails?  Send an email saying you’ve missed them.

10.  New Product Launch: Have new services or products you’re launching?  Tell your customers about it!  Share your excitement and they will be as excited as you for the launch date.

At a restaurant, the waiter ensures you are taken care of from start to finish.  In that same respect, all your customers should feel you have been with them the whole way.  This will help you gain brand loyalty as well as a lifelong customer.  Isn’t that how you feel about your favorite restaurant?

Here at Nox, we pride ourselves on always giving our clients an edge over the competition. In this ever-competitive eCommerce landscape, it is important to be able to stand out. Hence why we provide the highest level of deliverability and analytics when it comes to delivering your transactional and marketing campaign emails.  We also employ Amazon Pinpoint with custom Campaigns and Journeys.  We would love to show you how we can take your campaigns to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a demo.


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