Is Your Business Ready for E-Commerce Prime Time?

The E-Commerce industry has grown exponentially over the past few months during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Companies that have decided to adapt to the current consumers’ buying needs have shown success.  But in an ever-evolving industry, are you and your company ready for sustainment and the ultimate online shopping holiday experience?


Here are your top 5 checklist items to ensure a you’re ready for a successful holiday season:

1.    Website Optimization: In today’s market, a website is the first impression for your new and returning consumers.  That’s why it’s vital for your website to have the following:

  • A friendly, inviting and appealing design.
  • Current and up-to date information.
  • Mobile-friendly conversion.
  • Safe and secure payment provider.
  • Premium bandwidth to handle increased traffic.

2.    Inventory: The holidays inevitably ramp up your current sales.  Do you know what your best sellers are and what consumers will be most interested in gifting?  Do you have enough inventory in stock and on order?

3.    Delivery: As most holiday shopping will be done online, will you offer holiday wrapping options at a cost or for free? What shipping options will you offer your consumers?  Providing an accurate timeline for shipping is crucial to get the packages to your consumers.

4.    Marketing: Do you have an email marketing campaign in place for the holidays?  Are you offering discounts or deals for this season?  There are planners and last-minute shoppers, how will you target each of those markets?  Will you utilize social media and hire influencers to increase your reach?

5.    Loyalty Program: Now that you’ve sold your product, have you thought of how you are going to retain the customer who received your product as a gift, as well as the one who purchased it?  The holiday season is the ideal time to increase your customer base.  The cost to reach just one person will turn into a 2-for-1 steal.

If you are looking to hedge against future unknowns or just want us to give your eCommerce business an overall health check, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a demo.  Let us show you what Nox Enterprise Commerce can do for you.  Here at Nox, we pride ourselves on always giving our clients an edge over the competition.  In this ever-competitive eCommerce landscape, it is important to be able to stand out.  If you are looking for a new platform or would like to chat with us to see how we can take your eCommerce business to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a demo.



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