How Cannabis is changing E-Commerce

The cannabis industry is experiencing a huge wave of success as more people consume marijuana.  It is no secret that cannabis has and will continue to bring in profit.  However, in recent years, the cannabis industry has seen a record boom in sales resulting in massive returns.  And this has only been fueled by the pandemic. 

While many companies have seen a decline in sales since the pandemic, the cannabis industry has only witnessed growth.  The cannabis industry generates around 20 billion dollars per year in the Unites States alone and is only expected to increase.  The cannabis industry has also seen lots of success penetrating new markets as states continue to legalize the drug for medicinal and recreational use.  The cannabis industry is one of, if not the fastest growing industry in America.  As stated by Cannabis Tech, this industry will create 340,000 jobs and increase to $166 billion in sales by 2025.  The cannabis industry is showing no signs of slowing down, and many e-commerce companies are starting to take notice as they question how they can reap the benefits?

E-commerce platforms are continuing to evolve and the cannabis industry is only pushing that agenda, as more companies want access to the market.  The issue with accessing this market lies in the hurdles surrounding this industry, such as distribution and payment systems.  Currently, there are only a handful of platforms catering to the cannabis industry, such as Dutchie, Leafly, Jane, and Weedmaps.  Other companies like Foottraffick are trying to accelerate the eCommerce and cannabis partnership by creating new AI software to integrate with these platforms, to increase sales through Google Ads.  Cannabis is no exception, like any demanded product, consumers want an easy means to an end.  The need for reliable platforms to successfully facilitate the transaction of cannabis, from payment to delivery, is increasing.  In other words, cannabis’s digital footprint is only expanding.

We are nearing the end of pioneering days when it comes to cannabis and eCommerce. Soon, those who have planted roots early will reap the lion’s share of the benefits.  Whether you are a grower, refiner, or a DTC brand looking for reliable distribution, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a demo.  Let us show you what Nox Enterprise Commerce can do for you.  Here at Nox, we pride ourselves on always giving our clients an edge over the competition.  If you are looking for a new platform, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a demo.



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