According to Title III in the Americans with Disabilities Act, people who have disabilities cannot be excluded by the general public. Having an inaccessible website prevents users with disabilities from having similar experiences to users who do not have disabilities, which can lead to lawsuits in some cases. An analysis completed in 2018 by UsableNet showed the number of federal lawsuits regarding accessible websites had increased from 814 cases in 2017 to 2,314 cases in 2018. In 2019, the number of lawsuits was 2,235, and 21% of those lawsuits were for the same companies because they were sued multiple times. These lawsuits were filed due to companies failing to do the same task, which is to make their websites accessible to disabled users.

The world of web accessibility is growing, and it can be challenging for companies to stay on top of website accessibility compliance. Nox Solutions is prepared to help with this dilemma. We will provide you with a website evaluation to examine your website and see if it is compliant with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)'s WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and Section 508. Then, we will provide you with solutions to help your website become compliant and stay that way.

A website evaluation by Nox Solutions will include a report detailing the obstacles we faced while trying to access your website. The results of this evaluation could show you processes on your website that prevent visually disabled users from adding your products to their shopping carts or inputting their personal information at checkout. Assessing your company's website will help address issues that may have prevented your website experiencing more traffic.

In order to increase your user's experience, we will provide you with remedies if your website is in fact non-compliant. 15% of the population can be excluded from using the web just because it is inaccessible. Your company's website can make a difference by including that 15%, just by making your website accessible. Users who utilize screen reading software, who can only navigate websites by keyboard, and users who are color blind will all benefit from your website being compliant. Nox Solutions is ready to help assess your website and provide you with solutions on how to make your website accessible for all users.

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If you need to become ADA compliant today, but you don't have the budget or resources to update your website, then the accessiBe widget is a great solution. Just add a single line of javascript to your site, and the accessiBe widget takes care of the rest. It uses machine-learning to analyze your website and make automatic improvements to the UI, keyboard navigation, and screen reader accessibility. Although nothing compares to actually enhancing your website, an accessibility widget like accessiBe will go a long way to safeguard you against legal ADA claims.